Primary care: surgical dermatology clinic, Cosmetic clinic, skin cancer clinic, pimple popper clinic, podiatry clinic in wollongong

Crown Skin cancer clinic, surgical dermatology,  pimple popper, and Podiatry clinic in Wollongong.

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 For certain skin rashes – we can certainly help 🙂 But ring us first ! or click on the primary care dermatology section for information of what we rash we can or can’t deal with.  

 For recalcitrant skin rashes or cystic acne – We recommend that you don’t see us . Remember – we are surgical !

For appointment call:  42288444  ( in case you can’t reach us  then call 96877664) .

Crown Skin Cancer clinic & Surgical dermatology & podiatry clinic is a compassionate primary skin care and  skin cancer clinic in Wollongong.

We are dedicated  to making skin surgery affordable and accessible to everyone. We provide equal and accessible care to every one rich or poor.

We accept self referrals  and second opinion and will be pleased to liaise with your usual doctor regarding your assessment and any treatment that may be required

We maintain close links with local surgeons and melanoma centres. We facilitate the referral of patients to these tertiary services whenever necessary.

Crown skin cancer clinic and Wollongong pimple popper clinic treat all type of surgical skin problems including popping pimples.

This skin cancer clinic in Wollongong is a mixed billing practice, providing compassionate skin care to every one. Appointments can be made by calling 02 422 88444 or 02 96877664

Our clinic services:

  • Skin cancer checks and mole checks, excision and removal of skin cancers .
  • Skin cancer diagnosis, treatments and preventive care
  • Treatment for early staged melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) ,Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), Solar keratosis (AK)
  • Non-surgical therapy for skin cancer treatment and prevention
  • Surgery for general skin lesions including scar revision, keloid scar, lipoma, fatty tumour, sebaceous cyst. epidermal cyst, scrotal cyst, digital ganglion, ect,.. 
  • Treatment for common skin conditions including scabies,  warts, skin cysts,  skin tags, ingrown toe nails,  common skin rashes, fungal skin infection,mild acne, mild psoriasis < 10% of the body etc…
  • Plastic skin surgery including skin flaps, skin grafts and simple excisions
  • Facial chemical peel
  • Cosmetic mole removal


Crown skin cancer clinic+ surgical dermatology  clinic+ podiatry clinic+ pimple popper clinic
332 Crown St, Wollongong, NSW 2500
02 422 88 444  or 02 96877664

To learn more about skin cancers click on these links: Sydney melanoma Institute ,  Skin cancer council of Australia, Skin cancer surgery