Age warts

Age warts

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papulosis nigra. Don't laser these. You just burn holes in your pocket, although you will feel better psychologically 🙂 ! There are easier and more effective ways.

Age warts or Seborrheic keratosis, Papulosis nigra, cocco-pops or by any name is a very common harmless, usually pigmented, noncancerous growth on the skin.  They tend to appear from middle-age onwards. Some individuals may have just one, however, most people who have them have several.

Age warts are not contagious. They are not caused by viruses. These age warts can mimic skin cancer, can bleed, itch, or get infected.

Removal of age warts is recommended if:

  • It looks like skin cancer.
  • If they look unsightly
  • It causes problems with clothing
  • It regularly cracks and gets infected

There are several ways of removing age warts: They are so easy to remove (to us any-way)

    • Cryosurgery – liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the wart. The  wart is frozen then darkens and peels off in a 1-2 weeks. We use this  method most often as freezing is quick and numerous lesions can be treated quickly, over and done with in a few seconds with no fuss and fan fare.
    • Electrocautery (electrosurgery) and/or curettage – High frequency heat pulses vaporise or separate or char off the warts from your skin.  This method is quick.  Warts are removed immediately. Larger warts may require  anaesthetic injections and need some after care – like a bit of Vaseline and a band-aid.
    • Chemical peel with salicylic acid or AHA – glycolic acid ( safer for home use )