Blackhead removal

Blackhead removal

Black heads are easy to remove and is a routine procedure that we do everyday.

Blackhead  or solar milia is a disorder  of chronic sun damaged skin, consisting of multiple open ( black-heads)  and closed (white-heads) comedones. Another name for this problem is Favre-Racouchot Syndrome (Nodular Elastosis With Cysts and Comedones); sounds so fancy!

Patients usually waste a lot of time and money removing black heads or milias.

Removing blackhead or milia is dead simple – you don’t need a   3 year apprenticeship to squeeze out a blackhead.

Blackheads are not due to being dirty. Natural wax, stuck in the pores of the skin, when exposed to the air the wax turns black  !

We will remove these for you in seconds and for as many as you can tolerated.

How much ? 

We are here to clear your skin not your wallet.
The cost is for the consultation only.

After care.

We suggest you get topical vitamin A ( retrieve, differin ) to reduce new lumps and bumps, Most importantly, wear non greasy sunscreen.