Excellent results without the excellent fees.

Out-patient-surgical fee.  

Don’t let your cancer grow BIG or you will be seeing the hospital surgeon 🙁

We generally don’t bulk billed for surgery.    *Our discounted fees are 50%-80% LESS than the market recommended retail rates. More money left for you to spend  on other necessities of life .

And No, we don’t charge follow up fee$ ( for what ever – surgery or consult )

Excellent results without the excellent fees!
Retail fees*

Excision of cancer and Skin grafting to the nose





Semi complicated  skin cancer excision


$640 !



Easy skin cancer excision on the face


common skin excisions: large lipoma, keloids, cysts etc…



melanoma biopsy
melanoma biopsy
melanoma biopsy
melanoma biopsy

Melanoma biopsy

Melanoma skin biopsy

$165 Seriously ? to slice a bit of skin off ?with a rebate of <$ 45!








* Multiple cancer procedure FEE
  If you need :
1. a skin graft to your nose +        
2. an excision to your ear +           
 3. and an excision to your cheek.
 We will only charge you for the 1st procedure. The rest of the surgeries will be at a bulk billed rate.
 Pathology fee = bulk billed


We generally don’t bulk billed  however,  * Our discounted fees are much  LESS then the general recommended retail  rates. 
Description   rec. fee* Our  fee** Medicare fee
Standard Consultation $100 $65/$85 $37
Long Consultation $250 $110/150 $71
1st Biopsy*** $174 $70 $46
2 nd  Biopsy $87 $21 $21
  • (Australian Medical Association ) AMA scheduled fees 2014

**e.g. You pay $65, Medicare then returns $37 back into your bank account usually on the same day. Out of pocket cost = $28.

*** We don’t encourage multiple biopsies as this will add more cost to you without changing the management outcome.

***  Specialist in the field of skin cancer generally do not need to rely on biopsy to make a diagnosis of the VAST majority of skin cancer. 

At Crown skin cancer clinic , we are very efficient and surgical skin disease is ALL we do,  so we can accommodate appointment requests on short notice, and provide you with  expert care. That means, your skin cancer will not grow bigger whilst waiting for appointment.

  • Freezing, scraping and burning or biopsying of sinister lesions may be done during consultation. Surgical appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes to One hour.
  • All skin cancer surgery, plastic-reconstructive and skin/dermatologic procedures are done within the clinic under local anaesthetic. For very large lesions or a deep melanomas we will arrange, on your behalf, to the appropriate tertiary centre/hospital for treatment..
  • Consultations and surgeries are bulk billed to DVA for war veterans.
  • For patients unfortunate enough to have multiple skin cancers; our fee will be reduced or even bulk-billed.