How to Choose a skin clinic

How to choose a skin clinic.

The right experience and skills matter

Choosing a skin clinic is difficult for the non medical person.  

Generally ” Excellent diagnostic and surgical skill are strong predictors of successful outcomes and associated with lower rates of re-operation, re-admission, and return visits.

Doctors who are dexterous and skillful with hand-eye-coordination have lower complication rate. e.g- bleeding,  poor wound healing etc…

As a general rule newly graduated doctors tend to biopsy and order more pathology tests before embarking on treatment. As their clinical skill improves your diagnostic and treatment journey may be less convoluted and costly.

Remember 4 years of training does not  give the skin cancer doctor/dermatologist the skills/expertise  to do everything! This is not a TV show. Just ring and ask. The experienced receptionists will direct you to the right doctor.

If you have a surgical skin problem – Choose a SURGICAL  doctor .

If you have a bad skin rash  or small cancer- Choose a MEDICAL  doctor. e.g. If you have cystic acne or severe eczema – you could see a general dermatologist.

If you have a thick melanomaREMEMBER – dermatologists-skin doctors/cosmetic surgeons generally DO NOT operate on thick melanoma.  If you have a melanoma needing surgery and its > ~ 1mm thick – you may need a referral to a SURGICAL ONCOLOGIST (  this is usually a surgeon –  with  training and extended experience in melanoma surgery. They are usually attached to the big teaching hospitals. They treat and review hundreds of patients each year . You will be in good hands. The doctors we refer to are humble and knowledgeable.

At Crown skin cancer clinic and surgical dermatology we deal with surgical skin problems and skin cancer daily. We will advise you on the best treatment available for your condition based on your health status.

Consider the following when choosing a skin – dermatology clinic.

  • Relevance & appropriateness of experience. 95% of our work is surgical and skin cancer related so we are very good at it.
  • Quality,Dexterity and Skill-fullness of the doctor is very important, particularly cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face and difficult to heal areas, like the leg.
  • Broad range of available treatment options. Remember NOT ALL skin cancers need to be excised and stitched. A 2 mm basal cell carcinoma may only need a simple curettage or freezing NOT  a $750 light therapy (  which will only give you ~80 % cure rate). $6 Aldara  would often give a better out come !
  • Our service is ethical, caring and provided by highly skilled Doctors acting in the patients best interest.
  • We do not do routine small-micro sized biopsies as  they will give false negative results and therefore may miss true Melanomas.
  • Our surgical fees are set with very reasonable out of pocket costs.
  •  You will not be asked to come back for frequent follow ups and for results. There are more important things you could do than visiting us every week !
  • We offer education in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.
  • We provide a scheduled appointment system that generally runs to time with the rare exception of an emergency appointment being allocated

Who requires a skin check?

  • Everyone at risk should have an annual skin check due to the Australian climate.
  • Any one with fair skin with lots of moles, freckles and/or family history of skin cancer
  • Any one with a history of sun burn and a past or family history of skin cancer
  • Any one with persistent rash or changed skin lesion especially if it has bled

What don’t we do?

  • Try and scare you
  • place skin graft on puny skin cancer on your leg 
  • We do not do routine removal of non-threatening or non- dangerous moles for preventative care, unless you personally request removal for cosmetic/personal reasons.