Laser treatment for Cherry Angioma and Skin Blood Blister.

cherry blood blister on the skin
Big cherry haemangioma on the chest

Skin blood blister or Cherry Angioma or ‘Campbell de Morgan’ spots are harmless nuisance  red blood blisters on your skin.

Cherry Angiomas will not disappear by themselves. With the right tools they can be removed simply and easily and cost less than you think.

Other abnormal blood blister defects we commonly treat are:   Venous lake to the lip, cherries anywhere on the body, scrotum and labial blood blisters. Cherries on your labia or scrotum are sometime called angiokeratomas.

Venous lake treatment by laser.

Venous lakes of the lip are dark blue-to-violaceous compressible papules or bumps  caused by dilation of veins under the skin of your lip. They can be squashed flat and have high attraction for sun-exposed skin. They tend to come out when you are older.

Most people would seek laser treatment for lip venous lake is when their lip stick can no longer hide their blueberry or that the lump is so big that it interferes with eating etc…

Laser treatment for lip blood blister is easy but expect some ulceration before invisibility. You can read more here on USA Library of medicine

Laser treatment for Scrotal or Labial blood blisters 

Scrotal blood blisters or angiomas or angiokeratomas are very common. When grown in abundance they can be disfiguring. They are easy to treat. If you are super unlucky you might have late onset Fabre disease.