Keloid scar

Keloid scars

ear keloid scar
ear keloid scar
keloid scar on chest
5 year old Keloid scar on the chest; itchy, painful &  a real nuisance

Keloid scars, we treat them all the time.

We especially like the small to medium recalcitrant ones. We treat earlobe keloids, chest keloids, shoulder keloid and keloids anywhere on the body. Don’t let them grow too big or we can’t help you in out patient setting.

We do intralesional cryotherapy to thick knobbly keloids. i.e. freezing from the inside out.

Keloid scar prone areas we treat include the ear, chest ( zipper scar), shoulders and back.

No single method is best for all keloid scars. The location, size, and depth of the lesion; the age of the patient; and the past response to treatment determine the type of treatment used.

The newer the scar the better the response to treatment

For super recalcitrant scar – we found regular steroid injections  +/- liquid efudix work best. It’s not just a matter of sticking in a needle and hope for the best.

The earlier you treat your itchy, raised, pink keloid scar the better. The first injections will be the toughest as the scar is rock solid – once softened  injections will be easy.

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