Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures

mole-removal Cherry angioma cirrhosis-angioma-2 pap-nigra-&-seborhoeic-keratoses-2 pap-nigra-&-seborhoeic-keratoses-1 nasal-veins-1 nasal injection varicose-veins-on-shin-4 varicose-veins-on-shin-3 facial-veins
angioma post treatment. A little dimple is expected due to collapse of vascular lake. Get them when small to avoid the dimples.

The goal of any cosmetic procedure is to improve your appearance  thus make you feel and look better.

At Crown surgery centre we concentrate on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures including laser, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers ,removal of epidermal blemishes and lumps and bumps.

For major invasive cosmetic surgery procedures such as – face lift, eyelid reduction etc… we have contacts with the right cosmetic plastic surgeon who will be able to help you.

We do perform eyelid reduction (blepharoplasty) but ONLY for medical reason i.e  redundant eyelids that interfere  vision or if there is a cancer to be removed.

Services we  do day in and day out are: