Laser Tattoo removal in wollongong


Who does Tattoo removal in Wollongong? Sr Youmi does ! She  conducts her own Laser tattoo removal service when not working and helping Dr Tran with other skin problems.  So if you have questions – please ask her direcly.

At Sr Youmi’s Tattoo removal clinic, she concentrates on small and BLACK pigments only and at a very afford price.  Please ring her and ask for detail.

Tattoos are permanent cutaneous art and remorseful tattoos are pretty common . It may look good at the time but, sooner or later, many regret their tattoos and seek out tattoo removal service.  Tattoos may cause some to feel embarrassed, discriminated or have negative bearing on getting a job.

The traditional method of tattoo removal is very traumatic. We used to scrub them out with mini angle grinder, spraying everyone with hepatitis and all sorts of goodies. Desperate individual even resorted to having bits excised.

Now Photo-acoustic technology is all the rage. Firing  tiny quanta of high energy lights causes microscopic explosion with out harming the surround skin tissue. The resulting mini shock waves then  cause fragmentation of tattoo pigments which then get carried way by your lymphatic down and out to the loo.

DIY Tattoos are easy the remove. Professional and multilayered tattoos are more troublesome. And it all depends on your macrophages too ! hungry and active ones are better than lazy ones – it’s all depends on your genetics, the leakiness of your lymphatics etc…