Brown spots:Birth marks, Freckles, sun spots, age spots and liver spots

Laser treatment for birth marks, freckles, sun spots and liver spots.

 Freckles, sunspots, liver spots are simple to treat. After a laser removal  session  your freckles will look darker and crust over. After a week or two, these scabs will peel off. The new skin will look pink for a few more weeks. During this pink time you are free to use moisturiser and makeups etc.…Make a habit of sun-screening every day and you will collect less freckles.

Don’t worry, we won’t laser off your melanoma or other skin cancer. Quite often we have patients requesting tasering to their recalcitrant brown spots. And guess what ? we can’t ! why ? because the freckle was a melanoma! Play it safe. Before you get zapped, Get your skin checked first!

Laser removal of freckles and sun spots to the back
Laser removal of freckles and sun spots to the back

So what are freckles ?

If you have fair skin, you would naturally develop freckles (ephelis). Most are due to your normal genetics and other are due to some disease process ( e.g PJ disease). If you have a tendency to develop ephelis then every time you get a sun burn you will get more ephilides. Some people call freckles sunspots. 

Freckles are cute but some people would prefer not to have them as they can make you look worn out so people like to call them aged spots or ageing spots.

These brown spots are not tumours. They are caused by excess blotchy pigmentation to the sun exposed skin.
They are more visible in summer and fade in winter as old skin is replaced by new skin and due to less sunlight.

Liver spots

Liver spots are livid spots. You can’t remove them with liver detox and they won’t fade in winter. These are real aged or ageing spots.
Liver spots are benign flat tumours of skin.  They are caused by increased number of pigment cells in response to age and sun light.  Therefore, you can find them on your hands or face and back etc… The medical term for liver spot is solar lentigo or solar lentigine

These liver spots are simple to remove  by Laser and other method depends on features.

The hardest part is to prevent new ones  from coming ! Sunscreen and wearing gloves while gardening helps.

Birth marks: Hori Neavus and Neavus of Ota

These deep seated birth marks can be removed by laser.  A few sessions 3-4 weeks apart . 3-4 weeks is how long it takes for the body to absorb away the lasered pigment.

Hori’s naevus

Described by a Japanese doctor, Hori’s naevus presents as cosmetically troublesome blue, grey and  brown patchy and spotty pigmentation on the cheeks.


This condition is part of the dermal melanocytosis family and includes: Mongolian spots, naevus of Ota, Hori’s naevus and naevus of Ito.

Because the pigment is deeper in the skin  – multiple laser sessions are often needed to clean up the pigment. Why ? becos’ it takes time for your body to absorb the disloged the pigments. This in contrast to superficial freckles where the dead freckles are sloughed off and onto your carpet for dust mites to enjoy.

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