Melasma Treatment With Laser

picture of melasma on face before and afer laser
severe melasma treated with laser – Revlite Si.


At Crown, we use FDA approved cynosure laser for treating melasma. Laser is great for some type of melasma when various topical treatments have failed.

treatment of melasma with laser.
mask of pregnancy in patient with darker skin type.

A combination of  high quality  laser together with topical medication, excellent laser operator and post laser care will help with clearing melasma and keeping it away.



This vintage clip has lots of good information on melasma for you to digest 🙂 

This  skin discoloration occurs mostly in young to middle aged individuals. The majority of those affected are female. The discoloration appears from younger age then carry on into middle age. It could be faded when you no longer care (ie. in your later life – when you have grand kids ).  If severe (or mild) and it can negatively reduce your quality of life.

Melasma, also also known as chloasma or mask of pregnancy, is most common in women in the reproductive years, 20-50, and it is characterized by confluent patches of light brown to grey ink on your skin. This discoloration is due to excess pigmentation or hyperpigmentation of the facial skin and occurs mainly on the forehead, Centro face, cheek, jawline and can be caused by sun exposure, contraceptive pills (mostly oestrogen), hormonal changes (ie. pregnancy), some medications, skin rashes and genetics.

There are four types of chloasma and they are epidermal (top skin layer) , dermal (middle skin layer ), mixed and an idiopathic form that you can’t see and affects women with darker complexions.


This skin pigment menance is tough to treat. It’s like trying to scrub off tattoos from your skin. Superficial melasma is the easiest to treat.
Things that you could do to stop  chloasma are: No contraception, no babies, and no sunlight-  not so practical !

Alternatively, you could be prescribed various topical medicines.