Mole removal

Mole Removal

mole removal
Mole removal on the face. Bloodless and virtually scar-less.
mole removal and skin tag removal
No stitch, No blood mole and skin tag removal

Cost of mole removal: 

We never charge – $250 for something so unimaginably simple to do.

With the right instruments and excellent dexterity removal is too easy! No crazy laser to blind your eyes, no super surgitron or star-treck gizmo to rob your wallet and no smooth talking to sooth your wounds and heal your scar.

We don’t charge per mole for medical mole removal. You can removal as many as you want – BUT not too many! These procedures a so simple to do, we mainly do them for ours and our patients happiness and satisfaction.

If your mole is catchy on your clothes, the barber keeps on nicking etc… then you can have them removed. Mole removal is blood-less. Some moles can be removed with no local anaesthetic .

Facial moles: Raised moles on the face and body are very common . They grow bigger and lumpier however, benign. These raised moles are soft and spongy. When large, they get caught on clothes, comb, razors etc.… Mole removal is easy however, skill is requiring for optimal healing. These type of skin moles do not need excision unless they are suspected for cancer.

Mole removal procedure: Under local anaesthetic ( some patient prefer no local ) your raised or bumpy mole will be shaved or carved  to match the surrounding skin contour.  There will be no stitches and no blood loss. Healing is rapid, Just pretend you had abit of a graze which will heal with simple dressing. No fancy cream or lotion or potion is required. Simply use Vaseline ( petroleum jelly ) and sunscreen.

The grazed skin heals over around one week. It will be slightly pink for a few weeks. The majority of moles will heal with barely a scar.

There is no need to stop any blood thinning medication before mole removal.

Will you scar ?  Of course you will under a magnifying glass ! But, really – your scar will hardly be visible if your mole is matured.