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Skin cysts smell bad and will develop painful stinky abscesses when ruptured beneath the skin. So don’t go and do pimple popper at the dinner table or you can have your organic cheese!

Most doctors don’t like skin cyst removal surgery. Skin cysts can be tricky to remove and time consuming. The patient is often advised to leave their cyst alone.

What Causes Skin Cysts?

What’s the different between an sebaceous cyst and an epidermal cyst ? A sebaceous cyst comes from blocked oil gland. The content is yellow oil. It is not smelly.   Epidermal cyst comes from blocked part of a hair follicle. The content is moist  white cheese and stinky!

Cysts are usually found on the face, neck, trunk and scrotum.

Do not try and do cyst removal by squeezing. The cyst might rupture  and a painful smelly abscess will follow.

How Are Sebaceous Cysts Diagnosed ?

Zit or Pimple cyst or Sebaceous cysts are easily diagnosed by their appearance. Sometimes your doctor may order an ultrasound scan to aid diagnosis. We suggest you don’t go for needle biopsy of epidermal or “sebaceous” cyst – or you will be sorry –  the cyst content may spill out and cause a nice abscess and this will make pimple popper harder.

Treatments for Sebaceous Cysts :

 Sebaceous cysts  grow slowly over years to decades.   When large enough they may interfere with your everyday life. When this happens, cyst removal surgery may be necessary otherwise known as pimple popper.