Remove sunspots with daylight photodynamic therapy

Removing pre-cancerous sunspots with sunlight.

daylight PDT for sunpots
Severe sunspots before treatment

Severe sunspots after treatment
Severe sunspots after treatment

Severe inflamed sun spots on nose before PDT
Severe inflamed sun spots before treatment

Severe inflamed sun spots on nose before PDT
Severe inflamed sun spots on nose after treatment

Remove sunspots with sunlight ? Discovered by  British doctors and popularised world wide. Daylight photo dynamic therapy  or daylight PDT  is new way to remove lots and lots of sunspots in one go with less “down time”  

Sunshine PDT appears to be, at least, as effective as the topical treatments such as 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) $60, imiquimod ~$70- $120 or conventional red light PDT $250-$500+

Photo dynamic therapy for flat sunspots has clearance rate exceeding 70% with a single treatment and much cheaper too. So why go paying more ?

In the USA, they Blu u with carotstick instead of using daylight. Works the same.  In Wollongong – sunpots tend to be too numerous so field ( big area ) treatment is better.

This is how  daylight PDT works: 
*Come to us on a sunny day.
*We’ll scrub down your skin and apply  Aminolevulinic acid ( don’t worry it’s not hydrochloric acid)
*15-30mins later you will need to sit out side under shade. Not direct sun light.
*After 2 hours you will need go inside and wash your face.
*You then avoid the sun or wear sunscreen for the next few days.
*Your skin will then feel like a moderate to bad sun burn and lightly peel or peel like a snake over the next few days.
*Your skin will be much less scaly and with less sunspots after one to two weeks.Your skin will look pink for a  few weeks
*We will give you a hand out to digest when you have PDT.

Some times things can go bad and hard to predict but we can help minimise the complication. Generally the worse the reaction the better. The more sunspots the worse the reaction. But, you don’t want too much – otherwise you can’t sleep. Panadol and petrolatum will ease the discomfort.

facial-PDT-severe-reaction-before. Notice the degree of pustulation ( this is not infection ).

facial-PDT-severe-reaction-after- about one week – Inflamation has settled and skin begins the peel.