How to Remove Sunspots

How to remove Sunspots with sunlight.

Remove sunspots with sunlight ? yes that’s right ! Discovered by  British doctors and popularised world wide. Daylight photo dynamic therapy  or daylight PDT  is new way to remove lots and lots of sunspots in one go.

This is how  daylight PDT works: 
*Come to us on a sunny day.
*We’ll scrub down your skin and apply  ALA .  
*15-30mins later you will home and sit out side under shade.
*After 2 hours you go inside and wash your face.
*You then avoid the sun or wear sunscreen for the next few days.
*Your skin will then feel like a moderatedly bad sun burn and lightly peel over the next few days.
*Your skin much less scaly and with less sunspots after one to two weeks.
*We will give you a hand out to digest when you have PDT.
Photo dynamic therapy for sunspots has been associated with clearance rates exceeding 70% with a single treatment in many studies.
*It appears to be at least as effective as the topical treatments that are employed more often, such as 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) or imiquimod.