Skin Biopsy Service

At Crown Surgical dermatology + Skin cancer clinic we provides easy biopsies to every body.   We only perform biopsy when required and not to feed the slot machine.

For the vast majority of the time we use visual biopsy – as it costs nothing 🙂

If you have a rash or a lump and want to know the histological diagnosis then you may need a biopsy.

Biopsy methods available at Crowns are : punch, shave, saucerise, curettage, scrapes, pinch, incision, excision etc…

Biopsy is easy but you need to be selective of which one to bite.

Will you scar ? – You will but, most of the time you will need a magnifying glass to see the scar.

How much ? We don’t use gold plated biopsy punches so the cost of the procedure is kept too low.