Skin tags

Removal of Skin Tags

We clear your skin tags not your wallet!


Skin tag removal is straight forward. Removed lesions will be a little crusty and heal quickly in a few days – unlike freezing with liquid nitrogen which will take up to 2 weeks.

skin tags
Freshly snap Frozen skin tags at 2 nd week. Not so fresh when sore and gangrenous…. but eventually will be ok – After 2-3 weeks. We don’t snap frozen big skin tags. Easier just to chop them off.  skin-tags-1primary skin tags
primary skin tags. Immediate post removal

skin tags

Perioribital skin tags and eyelid reduction (blepharoplasty). For cosmetic eyelid reduction – we can recommend a good cosmetic-plastic surgeon for you. At Crown – we only deal with redundant eyelids of the elderly.

Skin tag removal is a quick and easy task . no stitches, no smooth talks and takes nano seconds to do.

Who is this treatment suitable for? Anyone with skin tags  they would like removed. Removal of skin tags or dangly moles is recommeded if they are prone to twisting, or trauma due their location on the body

How to remove skin tag ? There are hundreds of ways to remove skin tags, some are just plain silly or over hyped and some are dangerous.  They can be pinched, twisted, tied, snipped, cauterised, frozen, or removed by laser or radio frequency cutter.  Using laser to removed skin tags is just plain silly and a very nice way to burn holes through your wallet; Sounds good though !

We will recommend the best method to suit your skin type and personality.

After your skin tags have been removed, simply apply Vaseline ointment and a week later you will be smooth again with no scar or barely visible scarring.

Skin tag removal
some of these lipomatous tags can be huge and may need a stitch to hold in the herniating fat after removal. 

How many treatments will I need? Treatment is very simple so one session will be enough for the majority of patients.

How much does it cost?  Most of the time – the only cost is the consultation fee. If you have lots of lesions we may charge you a little extra to cover the material cost. We will not charge you for each individual skin tag removed.

All of these basic procedures that we do are just to help our patient feel better.

Skin tags may be  caused by:   genetic endowment ,obesity , diabettes , anabolic steroid use and  metabolic disorders e.g acromegally. We suggest you have a blood test for Diabetes if you have hundreds of skin tags.

skin tags
periobital skin tag can be a real nuisance