skin lesion removal

skin lesion removal 

At Crown skin cancer & surgical dermatology, we routinely treat trouble non cancerous skin lesions. Some reasons for removing skin lesions include:

  1. To prevent skin cancer
  2. To look better
  3.  To improve bodily function

The majority of skin lumps and bumps are easily removed. We don’t add herbs and spices to treatment, to empty your pocket. We use the simplest and best established method so you can run out the door and back to work.

  • Embeded implanon  in the muscles. Here, we use an ultrasound and a hook to localise the implanon rod. When embedded in the muscle these implanted rods will be stuck like glue. They don’t come out so neatly like when they were placed in the subcutaneous fat. Patient with skinny arms are most at risk for intramuscular implant due to lack of subcutaneous fat.
  • Skin tag removal 
  • Blackheads and Milias
  • Keloid scar removal or treatment
  • Cyst removal – from any where; from scalp to scrotum; all are easily removed.
  • Mole removal for looks and for biopsy
  • Lipoma removal – No fancy smart-lipo-dissolve gizmo to dissolve your hard earned bacon.
  • Age wart removal Viral wart removal– Can be tricky so be patient. Some warts can seem to take forever. It’s just a matter of getting immuned !
  • Ganglion removal– We commonly removal cysts on fingers and toes (Digital mixoid). We however, don’t remove whopping great big ganglions; These belongs to the hospital surgeons.
  • Ingrowing toe nails. We removal nails by phenol or by excising the nail bed and matrix. We do this with minimal bleeding.
  • Total nail removal- If your nail is totally deformed and everything else failed to resuscitate it back then you should consider getting rid of it. You toes will be better functionally and aesthetically. Remember, crooked toe nails can be due to vascular blockages so don’t rush into surgery  and loose your toes too.

    A true wedge excision of recalcitrant ingrown toe nail that has failed all conservative treatment. Note the depth and thoroughness of excision ( nail, bed, matrix)
  • finger cyst removal ( digital myxoid cyst )
  • Other skin lesions we routinely remove for patients include anything protruding from the skin including, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, small to mid sized haemangiomas, pyogenic granuloma, oral mucinous cysts, oral papilomas, etc and etc..….