Wart removal

Warts: Diagnosis and treatment – simple and easy.

A recalcitrant loner wart. Tibial nerve block then We removed it painlessly and bloodlessly ( a few drops the at most) . Easy ! We don’t like to cauterise or laser warts. The smoke is TOXIC, Warts to yours and ours vocal chords, yuk !! Don’t play with your warts – you will spread them.


Have you tried duck (quack quack ) tape ? don’t pay $200 bucks for this advise. It’s unproven but it’s harmless so you can visit the $2 shop and get PVC tape. Wet the wart a little and then occlude it with the tape. The aim is to macerate and peel the wart off. If you are allergic to the tape – you may spread the wart ! You can Read more at Jama 

How we diagnose warts?

We can tell whether you have a wart by looking at it. In some cases a skin biopsy needs to be done to be certain.

Focal callosity (corn) is most often misdiagnosed for viral wart.

How do we treat warts?

Warts often go away without treatment. This is usually occur in children . In adults, warts may more resistant.

Wart removal treatment methods we  use are include:

* wart removal using beetle juice. We will apply the medication onto your wart to cause them to blister or you can apply the medicine your self using weaker strength compound.

* Wart removal by Cryotherapy . We will freeze your wart/s. Your warts will blister and peel off. Repeat treatment is needed till non are visible.
* Wart removal using Electrosurgery and curettage: Electrosurgery (burning) is a good treatment for common warts, filiform warts, and foot warts. We may do this at times – but we prefer not.
* Wart removal by excision: We may curette out your wart but not cut and stitch them .
*Laser treatment: We don’t use laser. The plume of smoke generated ,if inhaled, can cause warts to grow in our and your vocal chords!
* Wart removal using Immunotherapy: We will prescribe you a medication to induce a rash to the wart and kill it off.

And remember: There is no cure for the wart virus. This means that warts can return at the same site or appear in a new spot. Treat new warts as soon as they appear to stop them growing in a recalcitrant disfiguring and contagious mass on your skin.

Multiple warts of varying sizes on the skin
Multiple warts of varying sizes on the skin